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I see Analysis and Therapy as a way to redefine possibilities, a way to meet one's power that helps contribute to create change. A way for us to improve ourselves.

In my clinic, I practice PsychoDiagnostic Chirology (Biometric Definition of Personality) in Analysis and Therapy, Focused Psychotherapy, and Expressive Therapy (MA).

The combination between biometric diagnosis and the various therapeutic techniques in which I specialize, constitutes leverage for achieving the therapeutic goals in the shortest time.

I acquired my professional training at Tel Aviv University (BA), Leslie College, Boston USA (M.A.), license no. 8336 from the Israeli Ministry of Health as a medical professional. I received my training as a biometric diagnostician according to the PDC model, directly from my father Dr. Arnold Holtzman, founder, and inventor of the method, and since he retired, I was given the rights to continue his path and keep up to date with latest research developments.

In the past, I worked at the Abarbanel Psychiatric Hospital, at the Family Therapy Station in Ramat Hasharon, at the Mental Health Station in Ramat Chen, and at the Association for Children at Risk, in kinder gardens specifying with autistic children. I treated children and adults and worked extensively with parents and families as a therapist and tutor.

Today, most of my work is in my private clinic as a psychotherapist, psychdiagnostic, and I teach the PsychoDiagnostic Chirology (Biometric Definition of Personality) method.

My therapeutic approach is dynamic and focused. I believe in a therapeutic relationship characterized by shared transparency about the goals and tools. Together, we define the treatment centers and the goals and tools in which we can examine the success of the treatment. During the treatment, we will build an ongoing and growing relationship that will enable new perspectives on personal difficulties, in every field and everywhere, in order to create change and development.

The dynamic treatment allows several important things: identifying and recognizing emotions, venting difficult emotions and pain, getting to know parts of us that are difficult for us, understanding ourselves from other perspectives and receiving new tools for coping with those parts that raise difficulty. From the therapeutic context, it is possible to deal with the difficulties and strengthen the self-image. It is possible to change, re discover and realize personal potential.

The decision on whether to attend treatment is accompanied by quite a few deliberations. I invite and offer to consult with me, to raise questions and doubts about the feasibility of the treatment, its type and duration.



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